Smart Steps to Improve Home Security in the Winter Months

Home security is a year-round concern, but during the winter, the risk of burglary significantly rises, with December and January seeing the highest number of break-ins

Factors such as longer hours of darkness and homes filled with valuable items in the lead-up to and following Christmas make our properties more vulnerable.

This is why, at SDS, we emphasise the importance of improving home security during the winter season, including outbuildings such as sheds and garages. 

Understanding the Burglar’s Game

First, you must consider that burglary is a game of risk versus reward. How much can a burglar steal from your property versus the likelihood of them getting caught? To combat this, SDS offers several ways to improve your home security.

Physical Security

Our skilled locksmiths are dedicated to securing your garage doors, house doors, and windows to ensure they are as safe as they can be. By conducting a thorough survey and improving locks and physical barriers, we guarantee that your home is far from an easy target. Our expertise extends to ensuring that your locks meet the BS3621 standard, complying with the necessary criteria for home insurance.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms have evolved far beyond the intimidating, anxiety-inducing beeping boxes on walls. Our advanced systems, designed and manufactured by Orisec in the UK, represent the forefront of security technology. These hybrid panels offer a revolutionary approach, utilising both existing wiring and still-serviceable components from older systems while providing the flexibility to incorporate state-of-the-art wireless devices. This innovative design enables comprehensive property coverage without the need for disruptive cable installations.

The range of devices compatible with our alarms extends well beyond standard door contacts and movement sensors. You now have the option to include panic alarms, external movement detectors, perimeter protection, as well as detectors for smoke, flood, heat, and more. Our alarms also feature a backlit external siren, ensuring maximum deterrence.

Moreover, our systems host various communication modules, with the most popular choices being an Ethernet or Wi-Fi module. This allows for complete mobile app control and reporting, putting the power of your home security in the palm of your hands.

CCTV Systems

The landscape of CCTV has undergone a remarkable transformation, leaving behind the era of poor-quality, blurry black-and-white images at night. Among the various CCTV systems at our disposal, Serage stands out as our preferred choice. As a British manufacturer, Serage offers a versatile range of cameras suitable for most applications. The NP NVR/DVRs and the “Night Colour” cameras, available in white and black with 5MP or 4K resolutions, are particularly popular.

These advanced cameras boast flexible recording modes that self-rewrite, ensuring efficient use of storage. They provide easily viewable images and playback options through mobile apps and PCs. Equipped with built-in AI, these cameras record in black and white at night until they detect a human or vehicle presence, triggering a light that enables full-colour recording for enhanced visibility and deterrence. Additionally, audio recording capabilities further enhance the surveillance system.

Improve Your Home Security with SDS

Investing in an intruder alarm, a high-quality CCTV system, and BS3621 locks significantly diminishes the likelihood of burglary. 

However, success hinges on getting it right. We offer expert advice to tailor a security setup that suits your needs and lifestyle without unnecessary complexity or the risk of purchasing standardised kits and products you don’t require. 

Securing your peace of mind is our priority. Our quotes are complimentary, and we offer initial cost insights through phone estimates. Don’t compromise on the safety of your home. Take the right steps to safeguard your home with SDS year-round. Reach out for a free consultation today

Please note: We acknowledge that implementing all of these precautions at once may not be entirely realistic, which is why we strive to offer practical and affordable solutions where possible.

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